Special Machines for extra wide purposes

Prestex Textile Machinery pride ourselves on the ability to work with the customer on designing machines for individual purposes and requirements.

Extra wide 320.jpg (20866 bytes)

Extra_wide_520.jpg (21203 bytes)

PFC 320 Extra wide (Click to enlarge)

PFC 520 Extra wide (Click to enlarge)

These are special designs of our PFC 320 and PFC 520 with an opening both sides of the fusing section. The photographs are showing fusing reflective tapes which would be for a continuous flow of the garments through the machine, or the tapes can be cut and placed on each garment prior to it going through the machine and wine filters being fused on both sides to prevent breaking when folded, also fitted with photo electric sensors for the automatic cutting of the tapes.


  • Variable speed

  • Adjustable pressure

  • Variable solid state temperature control

  • Aluminium heaters for even heat

  • Slotted rollers for perfect belt tracking

  • Open sided/Open ended


  • 220/240v

  • PTFE belts

  • Single phase

  • Up to 3Kw heaters

  • Temperature 0/240C 3

  • 55W AC Motor Drive

  • Auto tape cutters

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Last modified: November 24, 2011