The PFC 520 Fusing and Creasing Machine


The PFC520 Linear Pressing Machine has been designed to give the user versatility, flexibility and reliability with low maintenance, whether being used for fusing fabric or the creasing of fabric, but above all precise results TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME.


Fabric is passed through the front rollers which can be opened slightly when fusing by the front top central handwheel. It then passes over the cast aluminium heater, giving even heat distribution, controlled by a solid state relay providing 3 deflection. There are also 3 additional weights over the heater to provide an ironing effect before the final pressure from the back rollers is applied, variable from handwheel at the top rear. There is also a pressure indicator on the side. Fabric is then taken off by standard type wipers and returned to the operator via the return belt.


  • Variable speed

  • Adjustable pressure

  • Variable solid state temperature control

  • Aluminium heaters for even heat

  • Slotted rollers for perfect belt tracking

  • Open sided/Open ended

  • Parts Return Belt


  • Belt width 520 mm

  • Single phase

  • 220/240v 3000w

  • AC Motor Drive 55w

  • Temperature 0/240 c

  • Dimensions: 88(w) x 40(h) x 127(d) cm

  • TableExtension:77cm

  • Weight:11OKg

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Last modified: September 03, 2013