The PF 400 Fusing Machine


The PF400 is a linear type fusing machine for the fusing of fabrics.  This machine, whilst capable of fusing various types of fabric, van also be set up for the fusing of waistbands, continuous or cut pieces.  The width of the machine is capable of taking up to four waistbands at a time. If required a re-wind unit for re-rolling the material after fusing can be fitted.


Fabric and fusible is passed through the front rollers, which can be adjusted, and taken by the PTFE belts through the heat chamber, heaters top and bottom, and through a pressurized silicone roller.  Fabric can then be collected at the rear of the machine unless it is fitted with a re-roll device.  The machine is also fitted with a foot switch to stop the machine temporarily.


  • Variable speed/Pressure

  • Optional pneumatic pressure

  • Solid state temperature control

  • Aluminium platens for even heat

  • Corded or studded belt tracking

  • Open sided/Open ended

  • Foot switch operation


  • Single phase

  • 220/240v  3kW

  • 320mm width PTFE belts

  • Temperature 0/240C +/- 3

  • 55W AC Motor Drive

  • Dimensions:

  • 77(W)x36(H)x154(L)cm

  • Weight:  80Kg

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Last modified: September 03, 2013