The PFC 320 Fusing and Creasing Machine

The PFC320 is the latest version of this widely used small linear Fusing and Creasing Machine. Recent modifications include small studded or corded PTFE belts that stop belt warping, solid state electronics, inverter fed AC motor and cast aluminium heaters for even heat distribution. Altogether giving the reliability with low maintenance that we all require. 

The machine is ideal for fusing small cut fabric pieces and can accommodate larger pieces using the open sided element of the machine. Also for fusing collars, trouser waistbands, belt loops and reflective strips etc. When creasing of fabric is required the PFC320 really shows its versatility for pockets, plackets, sleeveplackets, motifs etc.

ACCESSORIES FOR THE PFC 320 : Pocket Jigs  Sleeve guard Folders  Waistband setup

Front Extension 320.jpg (26825 bytes)

Stand 320.jpg (17595 bytes)

The front extension table is to allow the assembling of longer pieces of fabric with their interlining before entering the machine (click to enlarge)

The machine stand contains a number of shelves to store creasing jigs (click to enlarge)



  • Variable speed
  • Adjustable pressure front and rear
  • Variable solid state temperature control
  • Aluminium heaters for even heat
  • Slotted rollers for belt tracking
  • Open sided/Open ended
  • Parts Return Belt
  • 320mm width Belt
  • 220/240V Single Phase55W
  • AC Drive Motor
  • Heaters 2Kw 240 C max. 3
  • Front Extension: 76cm
  • Dimensions:L86xW64xH41cm
  • Weight: 66kg

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Last modified: September 03, 2013