Prestex Textile machinery

Fusing and Creasing Machine Specialists


For Fusing Collars Cuffs and Waistbands and other small parts


For Pockets, Plackets, Epaulettes, Sleeveguards (square and pointed) & Waistband Turning

Manufactured in The UK

We pride ourselves in being a British Manufacturer of quality machines sold worldwide

Established 1982

Very reliable high quality machines manufactured since 1982 with years of Fusing / Creasing machinery experience

PFC-320 Fusing and Creasing Machine

Our Best Selling machine, used reliably worldwide for many years. Variable speed, adjustable pressure front and rear and Corded or Studded belts

  • Variable speed
  • Adjustable pressure front and rear
  • Variable solid state temperature control
  • Aluminium heaters for even heat
  • Slotted rollers for belt tracking
  • Open sided/Open ended
  • Parts Return Belt
  • 320mm width Belt
  • 220/240V Single Phase
  • 55W AC Drive Motor
  • Heaters 2Kw 240° C max. ±3
  • Front Extension: 76cm
  • Dimensions: L86xW64xH41cm
  • Weight: 66kg

Pocket Jigs & Feeders

Manufactured specifically to your requirements so that the pocket is positioned on 3 sides. The template is also positioned on 3 sides and pushed forward into the machine. After passing through the machine it is returned by a conveyer belt to the operator.

Pocket Creasing Jigs

10 stainless steel templates

Stainless Steel or Teflon Coated

Custom made to your requirements


Custom Accessories

Whatever your business requirement we can build custom accessories for our machines

Auto Sleeve Placket Folder

This is a left and right one pass system. Plackets are placed through the folder and up to a stop then the plunger is pressed to form a chevron and through into the machine. Production 600 pairs per hour.

Custom Built Machines

Not all applications are the same that is why we build custom machines to your specification. Mainly used in the apparel sector but other uses from air bag manufacturing to carpet samples.

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Latest News

Custom Machines!

Generally our machines are designed for creasing and/or fusing material, however if you have another use we can make a machine for you. Our machines are used on a vast range of disciplines from Carpet Sample to Air Bag manufacturing.

Continued Service for old Machines

Did you know we are still servicing many machines manufactured before 1990. If you need any parts such as belts, heaters or motors, just get in touch.

UK Manufacturing Resurgence

With the resurgence of manufacturing coming back to the UK, we are delighted to be at the forefront of the small fusing and creasing machine revival. We can build customised reliable machines.

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